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Why We Are Trusted

Target Audience

We focus on the 50-employee and under marketplace in the Concord, Manchester and Southern NH areas as well as the Northern MA area.


We have CPAs on staff and 30+ years of payroll experience


Since we are based in Southern New Hampshire, you will always know who you are working with and never feel lost in a large corporate service. This ensures you receive focused, attentive service that meets your specific needs.

Guaranteed Work

We guarantee our work and will pay any payroll-related penalties.

Cloud-Based Solution

We use a cloud-based portal communication tool for onboarding a new client. This communication portal lets clients communicate with us efficiently, without missed messages or phone tag!

Flexible Options

Our clients have the option to print their own checks from their office should any last minute changes arise.

Customized Solution Starting From $30 a Month

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Payroll Processing Options

Basic Solution

A Do-It-Yourself solution for a budget minded business. Also, perfect to give to your accountant.

Standard Solution

Our standard solution puts you in complete control of the front end with us worrying about all the behind the scenes stuff

Deluxe Solution

All the features of our standard solutions plus a few more for good measure

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